Benefits of attending the BYU Salt Lake Center:

History of the BYU Salt Lake Center

The BYU Salt Lake Center was formally established in 1959 by BYU President Ernest L. Wilkinson as the BYU-Salt Lake Adult Education Center. It was initially created “for the purpose of bringing to our adult people (in the Salt Lake Valley) such services as audio-visual teaching aids, special lectures related to the fundamentals of the Gospel, other leadership training courses, as well as many other courses from the BYU curriculum.” i Over the years the name of the BYU Salt Lake Center has changed, most of the unique programs and lecture series have been discontinued, the number of students attending has fluctuated, and the focus of offerings has become centered on credit courses. But one thing that has not changed is the efforts of the Center “to support BYU by providing students with an excellent resource for credit programs within the Salt Lake Valley.” ii

i Richard H Henstrom and Keith R. Oakes. The World is Our Campus: The History of the Division of Continuing Education at Brigham Young University Provo, Utah 1875–1997 (Provo, UT: DCE, 1997), 367-368.

ii BYU Continuing Education. BYU Salt Lake Center. (accessed April 3, 2017).

Chairmen and Directors

  • Lynn M. Hilton: 1959–1965
  • Keith L. Smith: 1965–1970
  • Bruce M. Lake: 1970–1973
  • R. Jan Thurston: 1973–1981
  • Orson B. Roper: 1981–1996
  • Lee J. Glines: 1997–2010
  • Scott L. Howell: 2010–2018
  • Jay R. Young: 2018–present


  • 1959–1973: 200 North Main St. (McCune Mansion)
  • 1973–1986: 401 Twelfth Ave (former Veterans Hospital)
  • 1986–1995: 1521 East 3900 South
  • 1995–2007: 3760 South Highland Dr.
  • 2007–present: 345 West North Temple (Triad Center)

Current Courses Offered and Programs Housed Within the Facility

  • Approximately 100 undergraduate courses taught by adjunct faculty
  • Executive Master of Public Administration (administered by the Marriott School of Management)
  • Executive Master of Business Administration (administered by the Marriott School of Management)

Former Programs Offered

  • Grace Nixon Stewart Classes: youth program teaching speech and poise
  • Yellowstone National Park Program: science course including lectures and laboratory and field experiences in Yellowstone National Park
  • Symphony Program: music lecture series held in conjunction with the Utah Symphony
  • Electronics Engineering Technology: certificate program for those learning about electronics engineering technology
  • Law Enforcement: classes leading towards a two-year Law Enforcement degree
  • Genealogy: courses and certificate programs in genealogy
  • CPA Exam Review Classes: class offered annually just before the state CPA test
  • Dietary Managers Program: class designed to fulfill the requirements for membership in the Dietary Managers Association and certification by the state of Utah
  • Linguistics: language classes offered under the direction of the National Guard in conjunction with the 142nd Military Intelligence Linguist Company
  • Interior Design: classes for the first two years of the Interior Design program
  • Educational Programs at the Military Installations: special credit and degree programs offered by the Salt Lake Center at several military installations.
  • Summer Education Workshops: workshops sponsored by the Utah State Office of Education for teachers needing recertification and/or professional growth
  • Summer Science Camp: science program offered to public school teachers
  • Multi-University Consortium for the Visually Handicapped and Hearing Impaired: courses towards certification for teachers to serve students with vision or hearing impairments
  • Computer Programs: courses teaching basic computer competency skills
  • Master of Library Science
  • Nursing Program: two-year Associate Degree in Nursing