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Have questions about transferring credits? Make an appointment with the Academic Advisor today! Call 801-933-9400.


Traveling to Salt Lake City

BYU Salt Lake Center is conveniently located within a few blocks of several downtown destinations.

  • Temple Square
  • City Creek Center
  • Gateway Mall
  • Salt Lake City’s central business district
  • Energy Solutions Arena


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Undergraduate Degrees

Academic advisor

The BYU Salt Lake Center currently does not offer any undergraduate degrees. Courses taken through the BYU Salt Lake Center may be used to satisfy degree requirements when you have been officially accepted into an academic degree program. If you need help to determine how to best use BYU Salt Lake Center classes, please feel free to schedule an appointment with our academic advisor.

If you are interested in earning a degree from BYU, please contact the BYU Admissions officeor the Bachelor of General Studies program.

Financial Assistance

Please be aware that as a BYU Salt Lake Center student, you will be classified as a Nondegree-seeking student. (This does not apply to students who have been officially accepted to BYU and are attending classes on the main campus.) As such, you will not be eligible for Title IV federal financial aid (including but not limited to Pell Grants, Stafford Loans and PLUS Loans). BYU Salt Lake Center will neither receive nor process a FAFSA application. You are responsible to cover your tuition and other related expenses.

The BYU Salt Lake Center does offer some limited financial assistance based on need. For more information, see the BYU Salt Lake Center Financial Assistance Application.

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