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Helpful Resources
Why Attend the BYU Salt Lake Center?

Find out what the BYU Salt Lake Center has to offer you.

Access Your Student’s Account

Guest Access lets a student give another person access to his or her BYU account, or selected accounts.


To schedule an appointment with an academic advisor, call 801-933-9400.

How to Attend

Find out what you need to do to take classes at the BYU Salt Lake Center.

Academic Calendar and Deadlines
Academic Calendar and Deadlines

Stay up-to-date with approaching academic deadlines.

Is Financial Aid Available?

Financial aid is limited for Salt Lake Center-only students. Check all your options.

Tuition and Fees

Find out what tuition will be and when it is due.

Student Services
Student Services

We help students with general questions, academic counselor scheduling, and cashiering needs.

Health Insurance
Do I Need Health Insurance?

Full-time students are required to have health insurance. Find out about BYU’s Student Health Plan.

Missionary Deferment

BYU Salt Lake Center-only students don’t need to submit an online missionary deferment form.

Audit a Class
Can I Audit a Class?

You can definitely audit a class as long as you meet simple requirements.

Privacy Laws That Affect Me (FERPA)

Because of federal privacy laws (FERPA), the BYU Salt Lake Center cannot give student information to a third party unless the student has authorized that person through Guest Access.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions. We have answers.