3 Triad Center

The BYU Salt Lake Center is located on the third and fourth floors of 3 Triad Center, 345 W. North Temple Street in Salt Lake City, Utah. Get directions with Google Maps.


The student parking terrace is located on the southeast corner of North Temple and 400 West. Access to the six-level terrace is in the middle of the block on 400 West, between North and South Temple.

Parking rules are enforced 24/7. The parking terrace is only for students attending classes or studying at the Center. Do not use it for other purposes.

To access student parking, students must have a current BYU ID card. Hold up the ID card to the card reader at the parking gate.

Students may access the third floor of the BYU Salt Lake Center from the bridge on level 6 of the parking terrace.

Students also can use the elevators in the parking terrace and enter the building through the main doors on the first floor.

To exit the parking terrace, hold up your ID card to the card reader at the gate. If the gate does not rise, use the intercom to contact the parking attendant.

UTA (public transit)


More than 20 UTA buses have stops within one block of the BYU Salt Lake Center. Most have a transfer point at the corner of 300 West and North Temple Street, the northeast corner of the block.


Both the Green (West Valley) and Blue (Draper) lines of TRAX stop at the Arena Station across from the BYU Salt Lake Center.

Those taking the Red (Daybreak and University) line will need to transfer to either the Green or Blue lines at the Courthouse Station to continue downtown and to the Arena Station.


This commuter rail line has a stop one block from the BYU Salt Lake Center. Exit the train at the North Temple station and walk one block east to the BYU Salt Lake Center.

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