BYU Admissions Newsletter | January 11, 2017
Program Preview: BYU Salt Lake Center

"Have you heard of the BYU Salt Lake Center? In downtown Salt Lake City, this BYU satellite campus offers BYU courses for BYU credit.  Here are the basics..."

BYU Parent Newsletter | December 1, 2016
BYU Salt Lake Center

"Your student can take classes at BYU SLC if they're an admitted BYU student, but one of BYU's not-so-secret secrets is that non-admitted students can also take courses here!"

Deseret New | November 17, 2016
Bachelor of General Studies: A Path to Graduation for Former Students of BYU

"Students who live locally have options--they can take classes at the BYU-Salt Lake Center or they can take evening classes [at the Provo campus]."

Salt Lake Tribune | May 30, 2016
Utah Jazz officials say renovation project will be boon to local economy

"I have always felt, even with the Gateway's troubles, that the bones in that area are really good," Gochnour said, citing the access to public transportation and high-traffic attractions and businesses such as the arena and BYU's Salt Lake center."

BYU Parent Newsletter | May 6, 2016
Take Classes at BYU Salt Lake Center!

"Anybody tell you about taking BYU classes in Salt Lake?               

"Yeah, it’s a thing! With small class sizes and a convenient downtown location, the BYU Salt Lake Center is a great option for BYU students needing something a little different." | July 7, 2016
Remembering SLC's largest skyscraper that never was

Learn a little of the history of the Triad Center, the building complex where the BYU Salt Lake Center is located.